T-500K Digital Controller with video encoding software

T-500K Digital Controller with video encoding software
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1、32 - 65536 degree gray level control, software Gamma correction.

2、Combine with video encoding software LedPlayer, can control various rules, special-shaped and kinds 

       of point, line, surface light source.

3、Computer online, can support up to 300,000 pixels.

4、Each controller has 8 ports, each port can support up to 170/512/768 pixels. 

5、Optimize network protocol used between the controller cascaded without external switch

6、Each controller must set the corresponding IP address through the controller's DIP switch, the project is more stable.

7、Enhanced 485 and TTL differential signal output.

8、DMX512 IC can realize computer inline writing address, for specific IC model, welcome to contact our salesman to confirm.

T-500K Digital Controller datasheet download